Looking for help from our team of experts on how to get your medical device project back on track? Our engineers are here to give you the advice and support you need at the right time. Some questions to ask yourself about your specific project are…

Is your project not on budget and not on time?

Our team can get your project up to speed quickly and efficiently saving you both time and money and getting your medical device to quickly to market.

Do you have a technical problem that is delaying your project?

We have helped our clients resolve problems within very tight timelines.  We have the experience and skills needed to quickly resolve your project development roadblocks.

Is your project delayed to staffing level or skills?

With over 40 full time engineers on staff Sterling has the resources to take on any project you need assistance on.

Do you lack transparency?

Our engineers keep a constant level of communication not only with each other but with their client as well using programs such as Fogbugz to create a stress free transparent environment.

Is your project being managed correctly?

Our project managers have the experience and the expertise to understand what engineers need to be assigned to you project at the right point in time.

Do you have the right tools?

Here at Sterling we have the validated tools to ensure a successful project, some of which include, our project management tools, static analysis, documentation and unit module test management.

Do you have the right experience?

With experience on over 300 projects in the medical device industry we have the experience to deal with any project.

Please give us a call at 201-227-7569 x2 or click here to meet with our team to get your project issues resolved quickly and efficiently.