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Wherever you are in the medical device development process, Sterling Medical Devices will add immediate value to your engineering efforts.


Your engineering partner for bringing medical device products to market.


Medical device testing throughout the development lifecycle.


Smart, cost effective verification services for medical device companies.

Project Rescue

Are you looking to get your medical device project back on track? Our engineers are here to help.

Custom design & development for your medical device

Sterling Medical Devices provides wide-ranging medical device services to help take your idea or project from concept to market. Our breadth of experience in medical device development, medical device design, medical device software development, and medical device testing, is further enhanced by our expertise and success in helping clients maximize their chances of success during the FDA and CE approval process.

Avoid obstacles and save time with a great design from our highly qualified engineering team.

Your engineering partner for bringing medical device products to market.

Development Medical Device

What our clients are saying

“The work was done proactively and timely. The team was very skilled, providing
high quality deliverables.”

Medical Device Development Client

“The Sterling staff involved with the project were excellent. They were professional
courteous and responsive to our needs, and they provided the expertise we were

Gap Analysis Client

“Sterling made the process very smooth and was responsive to my emails and

Tool Validation Client

“The persistence, determination, and attention to detail put into locating and
resolving bugs speaks to a high standard of quality.”

Software Development Client

“Working with Sterling has always been extremely productive. They have helped us
since we started the company and the work is outstanding.”

Quality System Client

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