It’s never too late. Regardless of the stage you’re in, Sterling can add value to the process though our expertise and flexible workflows. Just give us a call and we’ll show you how.

Your development can be done under our proven quality system. Sterling Medical Devices has a longstanding track record of bringing successful FDA and CE approvals under this system.

In order to reduce funding obstacles, you must bring a solid product to market in a fast and cost effective manner. We will leverage our experience with similar technologies to avoid the costs and delays associated with starting a project from the ground up. From development through testing and release, our process and experience will get your device to market faster, more cost-effectively, and with reduced risk.

Sterling partners with the Sterling Collaborative, a visionary company that provides flexible funding solutions for start-ups. Contact us to learn more.

Some projects make sense to do internally but when you need specialized experience or additional capacity, you can turn to Sterling. Working with Sterling means you have access to the deep experience of our accomplished team. This enables you to maximize your development budget by gaining access to the right expertise without the need for additional internal investments. And because of our commitment to our clients and flexible approach, Sterling’s collaboration with your internal departments will be productive.

The reality of medical device development is that it can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. The most effective way, however, to optimize your budget is to retain the experience critical to making decisions throughout the process with foresight. This is what enables Sterling ultimately to maximize dollars and pave the way for a successful and timely market entry of your medical device.

No. Sterling goes above and beyond to assure that it meets the very highest standards for our clients. This means obtaining certifications including ISO 13485 that set Sterling apart and guarantees your medical device is developed in the most quality assured environment. It’s another example of how Sterling makes the right investment to complement your needs.

Sterling Medical Devices FAQs
Sterling Medical Devices is committed to answering all questions clients have about the medical devices industry.