Medical Device User Experience Design

At Sterling Medical Devices, our engineers use their wealth of experience to improve the interactions between users and devices during every stage of the medical device user experience design process. Sterling not only wants your medical device to be safe, but also wants to create a positive experience between the user and your medical device. One of the ways Sterling accomplishes this is by designing a robust User Interface (UI) to maximize User Experience (UX).

Sterling’s team of engineers can help during any stage of the medical device user experience design process and can adapt to the customer’s changing needs. Our team has expertise in user research, user interface design, and industrial design that we leverage to improve your device. We focus on the user, ensuring the final product is adaptive to any of the users’ needs and/or environment. This has led to less risks, issues, and setbacks in the later parts of the design process that can cost you time and money.

Valuing User Experience

User Experience (UX) is an important process that occurs during the product design phase. Our UX team collaborates with the industrial design and engineering teams to design and optimize the interaction between human and device. Sterling’s focus on medical UX design allows us to create a strong User Interface (UI) for your medical device. Sterling helps develop your device in a way that optimizes your budget and timeline, while supplying the best medical UX design for your device.

Developing the Proper User Interface for Your Device

Sterling brings usability knowledge to the medical UI design and development through formative and summative evaluations with key opinion leaders and the final product’s users. Early in the development process, and at other critical junctures, we conduct formative usability testing to identify and prevent potential issues with the design and to support decision making throughout the project. We also conduct summative usability testing on devices ready for market. By taking these steps, Sterling can ensure that your device has the medical UI system to lead to better results during the development process and with the device’s users. This testing also satisfies the FDA standards for design validation through the application of established human factors design and principles.

Our capabilities in medical UI & medical UX design include:

  • User Experience and Interaction Points
  • Task Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Information Architecture
  • Formative and Summative Studies
  • Wireframe Development
  • Icon Development
  • Brand Language and Visual Design
  • Interactive Prototypes and Demo
  • Software Implementation Support
  • User Manuals and Instructional Graphics
  • iOS and Android Apps for medical/healthcare
  • Embedded Software

For more information on our medical device user experience design process, contact our team today.



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