Device Engineering

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Device Engineering

Sterling Medical Devices has offered industry knowledge and expertise in medical device engineering since 1998. From hardware to mobile apps, Sterling has helped bring medical devices to the market faster, all while making sure things are done correctly the first time.

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Human Factor

Sterling Medical Devices has decades of experience using human factor engineering in order to improve the design of medical devices. By using Human Factor Engineering to influence the design, Sterling can ensure the best compatibility between the user and the device.

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Human Factor

Usability Testing

Sterling has helped create medical devices that are safe for their users and meet FDA/CE regulations and requirements. Sterling is able to ensure this for its client’s medical devices by undergoing robust usability testing.

User Interface / User Experience

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are important processes that occur during the product design phase. Our UI/UX team collaborates with the industrial design and engineering teams to design and optimize the interaction between human and device.

Industrial Design

Sterling Medical Devices industrial design consultations offer an in-depth understanding of the high-quality demands and dynamics of the medical devices industry. We provide our clients with the opportunities to express their vision through their products.

Risk Management

From design, to engineering, to testing, and beyond, your risk management process is an integral part for any phase of the project. Our engineering methodologies are optimized to keep expenses low and design times down. We know how to minimize the total duration of the project to maximize your return on investment.