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Is your project not staying on budget or on time?  Do you not have the resources, staff, or expertise to complete your project? If so, Sterling Medical Devices is the medical device outsourcing company for you. We can complete any component in your device’s development process and we also provide full life cycle service for your device. Whether you need help with one step in the development process or need assistance in the entirety of the process, Sterling Medical Devices is here for you.

Our medical device outsourcing services include:

  • Medical device electronics design and development
  • Medical device software design and development
  • Medical device validation
  • Software verification
  • Project Rescue
  • DHF Remediation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Research and development

Sterling Medical Devices

Our Expertise

Hundreds of companies are starting to outsource their medical devices because they have seen how outsourcing helps “lower costs, increase agility, reduce time-to-market, and boost a company’s return on their investment”*. Our extensive resources and almost 20 years of experience has made Sterling Medical Devices one of the best medical device outsourcing companies out there. We have validated state of the art tools and experienced project managers and engineers with a sole focus on medical device development, to ensure that we can handle any task. Our seasoned, innovative engineers have encountered and overcome a broad range of medical device project problems. We understand how to approach your development roadblocks to come up with quality solutions that won’t break your budget or timeline. Just take a look at our case studies.

Our goal is to make the medical device development process as stress-free as possible for you. We will constantly keep you updated on the status of your product. Outsource your medical devices to Sterling Medical Devices to shorten your timeline, lower your budget, and solve your technical issues. Take a look at our project list to see the breadth of our medical device outsourcing experience.

Sterling Medical Devices

Specializing in medical device software design since 1998

Our U.S. based, full-time engineering team has a wealth of experience and innovative industry tools to help you determine your software level of concern, ensure your software is safe, and that it meets the necessary standards to pass the required regulations. We help you to align your medical device software design efforts with FDA expectations to gain regulatory approvals. Sterling Medical Devices works with medical device companies throughout the entire software design lifecycle, or through the part they need help the most.

Whether serving as your full-time design team or aiding your current team in any phase or area of need – from documentation and testing, to risk management and design – our staff keeps you up to date, informed, and involved in every step along the way. Our team champions efficiency throughout the software design process, leveraging best practices and tools to manage risk and stay on schedule.