Trusted Testing Services for Medical Device Companies

It makes business sense for medical device companies to test their products: failure of your medical device in the field can be costly to your bottom line and damaging to your company’s reputation. From a regulatory perspective, medical device testing helps to ensure products are released to the market the right way to reduce risk. When it comes to medical device development, early testing can help to detect critical bugs and vulnerabilities, especially in relation to the security of the device and the safety of both patients and users.

Well-written requirements and proven medical device test engineers are the keys to ensuring smooth testing for your medical device. At Sterling Medical Devices, we have over 550 projects under our belt and have seen examples of virtually every type of configuration, giving our partners an advantage right from the start. This is the value we bring as a trusted medical device testing partner to medical device companies, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations.

At every stage – from test protocol development and testing for 510(k) submissions to risk management and hazard analysis – the medical device testing team at Sterling Medical Devices can help you navigate through complex medical device regulatory processes. Our wide range of testing services for Class I, II, and III devices are carried out by our dedicated team of medical device testing experts. We meet your requirements and make sure that every aspect of your medical device product – software, hardware, and electrical components – is properly tested.

Medical device testing throughout the development lifecycle

Medical device companies must ensure the safety of patients and device users, which is why medical device testing is critical to the entire medical device development lifecycle. Our medical device testing services are designed to help ensure that your medical device product responds and functions as it should out in the field. And we work closely with you to ensure your product meets industry standards and regulations for quality and safety throughout your product development process.

Sterling Medical Devices is committed to making sure that every aspect of your medical device has been tested, verified, and validated. We combine our extensive medical device industry background and our world-class technical capabilities to help you think of every possible scenario to ensure a successful product. Our engineers work with you to help ensure a thorough job in defining requirements in the initial stages of your medical device development process to uncover hidden details as early as possible in the process.

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