Medical Device Projects

At Sterling Medical Devices, we provide a wide range of medical device services to help take your ideas for medical device projects from concept to market. Below are some of our past medical device projects to illustrate the scope of work we can provide while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. If you are looking for more in-depth examples of our design and development work, please review our case studies.

Artificial Hearts

Applications Electro-Mechanical Mobile Application

Artificial Heart Controller

The artificial heart controller is used in a hospital setting to control all aspects of the performance of the artificial heart. The system includes multiple processors in the controller to allow for...
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Medical Device Cybersecurity

Applications Desktop Application Electro-Mechanical Handheld Device Mobile Application Web Application

Glucose Diary Software System

The glucose diary software system connects to a glucometer to upload daily glucose test results.  It charts the data and gives direction to the user of the system. The system consists of glucometer...
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Optical Surgery System

Applications Web Application

Optical Surgery System

Sterling Medical Devices assisted in the documentation and test of a hardware and software system used in optical surgery. The Major Level of Concern system contained five processors. The master...
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Applications Desktop Application Web Application

Image Processing Connections System

Sterling Medical Devices assisted in the iterative development of a Major Level of Concern connection system between a series of video processors and a third party computer system. The system was...
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Cloud/IoT Services Handheld/Wearable

Laparoscopic Imaging Camera

Sterling Medical Devices assisted in the development of a Class III laparoscopic imaging camera for detecting pulmonary abnormalities with major level of concern software. The software was upgraded...
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Heart monitor system

Bench-Top Device Cart-Based/Table Top Desktop Device Electro-Mechanical

Defibrillator IDE

Sterling Medical Devices aided in the creation of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the generation of defibrillator software and firmware development. First, Sterling developed a State...
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First Generation Strip Reader Hardware

Electro-Mechanical Handheld/Wearable

First Generation Strip Reader Hardware

Sterling assisted in the development of the hardware and electronics for a strip reader that performs dry chemistry urine analysis. Sterling re-engineered the main prototype board for commercial...
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Microburst R&D Software Project

Cloud/IoT Services Desktop Device Electro-Mechanical Handheld/Wearable

Microburst R&D Software

Sterling Medical Devices assisted in the development of a next-generation Class III microburst stimulation system. The system includes Major level of concern software as well as a handheld device...
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Blood Sample Diagnostic Analyzer

Bench-Top Device Cart-Based/Table Top Electro-Mechanical

Genetic Analyzer

Sterling Medical Devices participated in the development of a prognostic genetic test for cancer patients. In the first project phase, we authored select Design History File (DHF) documentation...
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September 23, 2015

When Medical Device Software Fails Due to Improper Verification and Validation

Software can be an essential component of your medical device, whether you’re designing a new product or improving the functionality of an existing one. Medical device software continues to change...
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February 18, 2021

5 Mistakes Medical Device Startups Make

Startups are the lifeblood of medical device innovation. Without universities researching ways to solve pressing healthcare problems or doctors with experience in a particular field who have an idea to develop a prototype medical device that could help patients, the future technologies needed to help save lives wouldn't happen. But the long, arduous road through the FDA submission process to get market approval can take a long time and cost a lot of money without help. Sterling Medical Devices has been helping startups through the FDA approval process since 1998 without ever having a submission rejected.
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July 12, 2022

Scalp Cooling System

Overview Paxman has been pioneering scalp cooling technology for over a quarter of a century. Paxman’s clinically proven cold cap technology has helped over 100,000 cancer patients in more than 60...
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